Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Pushing Daisies" goes belly-up

Last year I was diligently following the news on "Moonlight" to find out whether or not it would be renewed. When it wasn't I got so bummed out that I stopped following TV news. Well, guess what? When that happens you fall WAY behind. The reason "Pushing Daisies" wasn't on last week? It was canceled back in November. Apparently there are a few more episodes that haven't aired yet, and nobody knows if/when they'll air. Good job, ABC.

Pushing Daisies: October 2007-November 2008

"Pushing Daisies" followed a man named Ned whose touch can bring the dead back to life--with two complications. First, a second touch will "kill" the person (or animal) again. Second, if the dead stay alive for more than a minute, something else must die in its place. Other characters include Chuck, Ned's former-dead girlfriend; Emerson Cod, a private investigator who knows Ned's secret; Olive Snook, who secretly loves Ned; and Chuck's aunts, Lily and Vivian, who don't know their niece is no longer dead. Ned works at a bakery called The Pie Hole with Olive and Chuck. In his spare time, he assists Emerson with murder cases by bringing victims back to figure out who killed them.

"Pushing Daisies" will be missed for its excellent character development, double entendres, and slightly psychotic sense of humor.

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