Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Podshow update!!

All right, everything's working now...

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Have a safe and happy Halloween!
Spoil your dinner...

Podshow is down!!

...which means, until it's back up, nobody can access anything on Podshow. Including the podcast. So if you tried to listen to the show, and couldn't, you're not alone. I couldn't either.

I'm not sure exactly what the problem is--I'm definitely not the tech person--but I realized there was a problem after I couldn't listen to the show this morning. After some experimenting, I found out that I couldn't even get to the Podshow main page. So I can only conclude that the problem is with the Podshow site.

I'll keep you updated...and in the meantime, check out this great site:
Angry Alien features movie parodies. But they're not just any movie parodies. They're 30-second versions of movies, starring animated bunnies! They've got plenty of Halloween goodies, including The Exorcist, Saw, The Ring, and War of the Worlds, but they really have a little bit of everything (among others: Brokeback Mountain, Star Wars, and A Christmas Story...beat that!). They're hilarious, and a great little entertainment if you've only got a few minutes.

No Trick...It's a Halloween Treat!

...Yes, I know. I'm so clever.

We have, for your listening pleasure, Video Revue #2: Ve Vant to Suck Your Blood! We discuss a Halloween dozen (13) vampire movies, along with 4 vampire TV shows.
Again, you can listen online or download to your computer. Have fun!

Are you looking for another great movie podcast? Subject:Cinema is the show that inspired me to give this whole podcasting thing a try. It's similar to Video Revue, except longer and with better sound effects (but just as weird as our show, trust me!). You should definitely check them out!

Show notes:
The sound clips were inserted in the show with the latest in "microphone-next-to-the-speaker" technology. The first one is from "Dracula: Dead and Loving It." The song clips are all from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 6. The episode is called "Once More, With Feeling," and there's also a soundtrack for the episode available. The final sound bite is from Moonlight, season 1, episode 4 ("Fever") available on iTunes for $1.99 or you can watch it for free on

I just love the vampire genre. There are just so many things you can do with the idea--every movie, TV show, or book interprets the Dracula myths differently; sometimes they're all true, sometimes most of them aren't--but I have noticed that I've had more success finding TV shows as opposed to movies that I really like. I think that's because you can do so much more in a TV show; if your main character is several centuries old, you've definitely got enough material there for more than a 2-hour movie.

There was a "sequel" to Interview With the Vampire called Queen of the Damned. I put sequel in the Dr. Evil quotes because it had only one character from Interview and none of the same actors, but it was based on the 3rd book in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. They completely skipped over the 2nd book, The Vampire Lestat. Which I really don't blam them for; there's a lot of good stuff in Lestat but at times it gets almost Oedipal (he turns his mother into a vampire, and suddenly she's young and beautiful again...)

I adore Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, but there is one major problem I have with both shows: the Buffyverse Relationship Formula.
Step 1: Get two characters together. Drag this out as long as possible.
Step 2: Break them up, painfully.
Step 3: Get them back together. Again, drag this out. As soon as they're happy...
Step 4: Kill one of them!
(Optional--Step 5: Bring dead character back; lather, rinse, repeat)

And there are variations on this, of course; you can have on-again-off-again relationships where someone dies as soon as they commit to each other, or the character who's sick and then dies just when the doctor says she's going to be fine. Or the love triangle that spanned seasons 3-5 in Angel, and when the girl FINALLY ended up with the guy she should've been with all along anyway, she died. And then her body was taken over by a former hell-god. But that's another story.

One final note: most times, vampires are either creepy or seductive...but I think the best character is one who's both...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Numfar does the Dance of Joy

Video Revue #2 hits the airwaves soon!

One of the many things we mentioned was Joss Whedon's cameo on "Angel." Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the series creator making an idiot of himself (watch the background).

And I mean absolutely no offense to Joss. He is brilliant (we're not worthy)!! And I'm sure he meant to look that stupid. That takes real guts!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Moonlight TV Show Video

Watch for our vampire podcast, coming next Wednesday (Halloween!). Here's a promo for one of my new favorite TV shows, Moonlight (Fridays at 8/7 central on CBS). Tune in to the podcast for a discussion of Moonlight, along with other vampire TV shows and movies!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Across The Universe - Trailer

The trailer for Julie Taymor's fantastic new movie, Across the Universe!

Movie Review: Across the Universe

Across the Universe is about a lot of things: the Vietnam war, war protests, relationships, the 1960s, and overall, Beatles music. It's like a live-action version of Yellow Submarine, with more music. This movie has more songs than dialogue, which probably makes it a rock opera (correct me if I'm wrong, though. The only rock opera that springs to mind is Tommy, which I've never seen). Anyway, Across the Universe follows the story of Lucy, whose boyfriend was killed in Vietnam, her brother Max, his friend Jude, and the various people they encounter in New York City. A relationship develops between Jude and Lucy, but becomes strained after Max is drafted. Lucy becomes a vehement anti-war protester, while illegal alien (from Liverpool) Jude is not ready to match her fervor. It's all set to a great backdrop of Beatles cover tunes.

Don't be turned off by the phrase "Beatles cover." For the most part, I thought the songs were re-worked in a great way. They don't try to imitate the Beatles, which hardly ever works anyway. Some of my favorites: Jude singing "Girl" at the very beginning (this is also in the trailer I posted). He has a fantastic voice. Also, "Let it Be" nearly made me cry. It's done in an almost gospel style, and the whole scene is just very moving. All told, there are over 30 songs. I wish I could say I loved them all, but the one scene that didn't work for me was Eddie Izzard's version of "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!" That one was just a little too different from the original for me. The movie also includes Joe Cocker doing "Come Together" and a few songs by Bono.

The order of the songs follow the general pattern of the Beatles' career, from their early love songs through the psychidelic period (with psychidelic scenes to match) through their return to real life. I wish I could say that the movie is a realistic representation of life in the '60s, but I wasn't around then so I wouldn't know. Most of the movie is grounded in reality (or at least as much reality as you can have in a musical) but some scenes are kind of out there. Also, the movie is rated PG-13, but I wouldn't take a 13-year-old to see it. There's a little too much weirdness, drug references, and random topless women. However, it's not enough to warrant an R rating. I'd say it's probably appropriate for 15 or 16 and up.

I went to see the movie with a friend of mine. I knew just about every song in the movie; he knew very few. However, both of us loved the movie and we agreed that we had to buy the soundtrack. Across the Universe is one of the best movies of the year, right up there with Hairspray.

What can I say? I just love music.

Overall: 3 1/2 stars (out of 4)

Oh, and one more note: there are 2 versions of the soundtrack. The Deluxe Edition has all 32 songs; the regular edition only has 15. It's really worth it to spend a few extra dollars to get all of the songs.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Better late than never...

Sorry, everyone! School has just been crazy...everything's due at once, homecoming was last week, I went to see Across the Universe (review coming soon!)...but at long last, here is our first episode!

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Here's our Podshow address:

And the link directly to the first episode:

You can listen online, or download it as a MP3!

The next show will be available in 2 weeks, just in time for Halloween, as we look at vampires in TV and film.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Video Revue debuts TOMORROW!!

All right, the show is all ready to go. It's been ready for a few days, but due to scheduling conflicts (aka "midterms") I haven't had time to post it yet. However, I can promise that the show will be up tomorrow. Be sure to tune in!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

First show!

Our first show has been recorded. Unfortunately, due to technical difficulties, I don't know when we'll have it up and ready to go.

We will have another video up this week, probably also Animaniacs-related.

Stay tuned!