Monday, March 9, 2009

TV show revue: Castle

Anybody who's been reading this blog for a while knows the kind of shows I like: anything involving a supernatural element. Unfortunately, unless the ratings are through the roof, those kinds of shows tend to get canceled (see "Moonlight" or "Pushing Daisies" or "Kyle XY"). They're full of expensive special effects and aimed at a core of dedicated, borderline-psychotic fans.

So I have tried branching out and finding shows that are more realistic than fantasy. From this, I have decided that I like the "crime" genre. You get crime-solving doctors (Diagnosis Murder), crime-solving psychics (Medium), crime-solving fake psychics (Psych!), crime-solving former cops with OCD (Monk), and, of course, crime-solving vampires (Forever Knight, Angel, Blood Ties, AND Moonlight). And now, ABC has a new crime drama called "Castle" about a crime-solving mystery novelist.

I read about this show in the TV guide, and decided to watch it for one reason: Nathan Fillion. Also known as "Captain Hammer" from last summer's "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog." It's kind of sad that almost every show I watch, I began watching because of some actor connected to Joss Whedon (Evil Genius).

But, as it turns out, "Castle" is a good show. The pilot episode was tonight, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. It begins with two murders that appear to be copied from the mystery novels of Rick Castle (Fillion). He is called by the police as a consultant, and teams up with Detective Beckett. She happens to be a (closet) fan of Castle's books, but she can't stand him in person. Which, of course, means they will probably hook up before the first season ends.

Anyway, it appears that the killer wasn't very smooth: they find a fan letter with his prints all over it, and evidence in his apartment. But something doesn't seem right to Castle, who insists that it wouldn't make a very good story. And, as the prime suspect was arrested before the show was half over, you can guess who's right.

The writing in this show is excellent, and Castle and Becket have a great chemistry. Other highlights include Castle's mother, who walks off with every scene she's in, and his teenage daughter. I will definitely be tuning in next week!

Oh, and my other favorite non-fantasy show: "Leverage." It has officially been granted a second season! The first season finished a couple weeks ago, and I cannot WAIT for season 2...which happens to be this summer (when I will be in my cable-less house, and not my college dorm). But that's what iTunes is for. Or Hulu (which will forever be known in my house as "eat-your-brain-dot-com").

One final note: I heart Stephen Colbert.

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