Monday, March 2, 2009

Star Trek Initiation: "The Enemy Within"

Wow, almost 2 weeks without any posting! I would like to apologize to my readers (all 3 of you) for the lack of updates. My life has kind of exploded, and I'm trying very hard not to fall behind in any of my classes. Which also explains the lack of podcasts. We recorded a show, we really did. Then we have to edit it. And then there was a thing with my computer and I think I lost the file, so we're just going to re-record the show. Whenever we have time.

I did manage to watch the next episode of Star Trek, however. This was an interesting episode. I've noticed that there's sort of a formula: each episode presents two problems simultaneously, and one problem prevents the other from being solved. Also, the piece of equipment that is most needed will undoubtedly be broken or malfunctioning.

This episode begins as the crew is visiting a planet that becomes terribly cold once its sun sets. They beam aboard a little animal; the species is never identified, but it was clearly played by a dog who could handle a costume. Once the dog beams aboard, another identical dog appears a few minutes later. They figure out that the dog wasn't so much duplicated as split, into a "good" half and an "evil" half. Unfortunately, they don't figure this out until after the same thing happens to Kirk.

It is immediately obvious that Evil Kirk should not be allowed to run around; he attempts to rape Yeoman Janice in a scene that was incredibly uncomfortable for me, as a woman, to watch. She manages to get away from him by scratching his face. I was hoping she'd get a good kick in, or punch him in the face, but she did manage to escape without physical harm.

Unfortunately, Good Kirk is not much help. It turns out that the decision-making skills that make him such a good captain ended up with Evil Kirk. It's an interesting idea, that we need both halves to make us complete, and that what is "evil" if left unchecked can also be very beneficial. Also, Good Kirk ended up with all of the bravery, while Evil Kirk was almost a coward. Which, I suppose, makes sense.

After the doctor and Spock figure out what happened, they decide that it is unsafe to beam up Sulu and the rest of the crew still down on the planet's surface. Unfortunately, the transporter must be repaired before nightfall, or Sulu and Co. will freeze to death.

Understatement of the week:
"Tonight it gets down to 120 degrees below zero."
"That's nippy."

They figure out just in time how to fix things (beam both halves down together, and then when they beam back up they should recombine--I forget how that was supposed to work). They test it out on the dog-creature thing. Good news: one dog beams back. Bad news: it's dead. Good Kirk can't decide whether he should make the attempt or not. He finally does, and of course it works, just in time to save Sulu and Co. from the icy jaws of death.

-Evil dog-thing: If I had to wear that fuzzy, one-horned getup, I'd be mad too.
-I wonder how long it takes Yeoman Janice to do her hair in the morning. It looks great, but that is one complicated hairdo.
-For a man, Evil Kirk is surprisingly adept at applying concealer...
-Sulu asks more than once for some coffee to try and keep warm. Why didn't they beam any down? Or at least hats and mittens!
-Sulu is surprisingly good-natured for a man with real danger of freezing to death.

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