Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Movie reviews and other news

First up: news on the show. Johnny and I had a long discussion about this a while ago, and we agreed that he was going to be the one to edit the show and get it up and running. So this one's on him, and I don't know when our next episode will be available.

Also: Our e-mail contest is still running! Let's just say that if you've already entered, you've got a VERY GOOD chance of winning. If you haven't entered yet, why not?? (Step one: listen to the show. Step two: send us an e-mail with a comment about the show. Step three: win a Netflix subscription!)

And now for more of my famous ten-word movie reviews!
Van Helsing: Modern, big-budget update of Universal classics. Campy? Yes. Good? Absolutely!

Night of the Living Dead: Dead rise, eat people. Original zombie movie; seriously depressing ending.

Back to the Future (part 1): Christopher Lloyd, time travel, and an awesome car. Personal favorite.

Matango (Attack of the Mushroom People): Weird sixties Japanese movie. You are what you eat, apparently.

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