Thursday, June 26, 2008

Step into the "Twilight" Zone!

In our next episode, Johnny and I will be discussing three book-to-movie adaptations: one good, one bad, and one that's coming out in December (I WILL be there at midnight!). Yes, you guessed it, Twilight! This book is truly a phenomenon; time and again I've heard about people who picked up the book with skepticism and couldn't put it down. And yes, this includes everyone: guys and gals, young and old, teachers and students. It might even include my brother...stay tuned!

The Twilight Guy recently posted his review of two chapters at once, after finding himself unable to stick to the "one chapter per day" rule. My other favorite fansite, Twilight Lexicon, has a collection of stories from teachers who have used the Twilight series in the classroom. As a huge fan of the books, I am incredibly excited to read about my favorite series bringing people together. Stephenie Meyer's books have literally changed people's lives in ways you'd never expect.

If you've never read Twilight, do yourself a favor and check it out. Seriously.

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