Monday, May 12, 2008

Twilight Lexicon Interviews Catherine Hardwicke

From my favorite Twilight fan site, Twilight Lexicon, comes this EXCLUSIVE interview with the director of the TTM, Catherine Hardwicke! Catherine addresses the issue of pleasing the fans. She likes the book. Major bonus points, Catherine! She knows how important the movie is to the fans because she's a fan herself. We have exactly 7 months until the movie comes out...consider the buzz generated! But give us MORE. Thank you!

Also this week, the final word on whether "Moonlight" will be renewed for a 2nd season (*crosses fingers hopefully*). I need my Mick fix!

Oh, and although this isn't really movie related, read The Host! It is amazingly fantastic. Stephenie Meyer pwns JK Rowling...although after watching some interviews with JKR I think I may have been a bit harsh in my rant. I think she just got sick of all of the fame--before Deathly Hallows came out she was more famous than Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus combined. Dateline devoted an entire show to the 7th book, she was appearing on TV shows every day...I think Harry Potter got more coverage last summer than any other story. She wouldn't be the first author to get sick of her characters--Douglas Adams, author of the 5-book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy, killed off his entire character base in the fifth book (probably so the fans wouldn't beg him to make it a 6-book trilogy). I hope Stephenie never becomes so famous that she loses touch with her fans.

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