Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My weekend in revue...

So Friday night was the finale of Moonlight. There is a possibility that the CW will pick it up to continue the series. Please do! The fans will thank you forever (and ever and ever...). Anyway, the finale was AMAZING. Alas, there are open storylines that will never be explored (unless the show gets picked up again!) but all in all, it was not as depressing as I thought it would be. I was very sad to see Moonlight go. Hopefully if the show doesn't get picked up, the actors will all be back in other roles. Mick finally said "I love you" to Beth. Not gonna lie, that part made me squeal.

I remember when the show first started last fall, I wasn't that excited about it. Of course, I watched it anyway because it's about vampires. The first few eps were okay, nothing special, but then the fourth episode BLEW ME AWAY and from then on I watched every week without fail. Oh, and I also got Johnny hooked around episode 5 or 6, and my awesome friend Ryan started watching with us when it came back in April.

Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight saga, is being re-released on May 31st with the first chapter of Breaking Dawn (book 4) which comes out August 2nd!! Normally I would be the first in line to buy it, but we have a dilemma here. I already have a copy of Eclipse, purchased last summer when it was released the first time.

I have officially gotten one person addicted to Twilight! I talked about it constantly and made my roommate read the book. She then read the entire series in less than a week (which also happened to be right before finals week!). She had to buy New Moon because I still don't have a copy of that one. Ryan has also promised to read the books over the summer, which just proves how awesome he is.

I'm finishing up my finals this week, and Johnny graduates from 8th grade on June 4th (congrats in advance!) so VR will probably be back that week or the week after.

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