Sunday, January 17, 2010

Video Revue: Providing "Leverage"

January is Geek Month as we welcome in the Age of the Geek! This week, we discuss one of our favorite geeky shows: Leverage!

"Leverage?" you might ask. "What is Leverage, and what makes it geeky?"

"Well," I would answer, "First of all, Leverage is a show on TNT that combines the heists and intrigue of Ocean's Eleven with the techno-geek gadgets of Mission: Impossible and the steal-from-the-rich ethics of Robin Hood. If that's not geeky enough, a recent episode had Wil Wheaton guest-starring as a hacker referred to by the US government as the Kobayashi Maru."*

Also, Leverage was the show that gave us the line "Age of the Geek."

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*"Are you sure Kobayashi Maru is spelled correctly?" you might ask.

"No, I'm not. You are therefore geekier than me," I would reply.

"Thank you. Wait, what?"