Sunday, September 20, 2009

Video Revue: Firefly

Joss-tember continues as Johnny and I discuss the world's greatest sci-fi western: Firefly! From the fantastic two-hour premiere to the heartrending final episode, we discuss them all. As always, you can find us on iTunes or Podshow.

Here's the link to the Lego "Serenity" project we discussed towards the end of the show (just scroll down to "Browncoat Central"--he's got 6 different versions!). It's amazing what this guy can do with Legos.

MST3k fans: click here to see his life-sized Lego versions of Crow and Servo!

I'm thinking we should do a future podcast about those great TV shows that have everything going for them but still only last one season. Unfortunately, I seem to discover a lot of them...right before they're canceled. But that's another story for another day.

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Also, don't forget to listen to this week's Subject:Cinema! Johnny and I chime in with our thoughts on the Harry Potter books vs. movies, along with TC, Kim, and some of their friends (including Eric and Amber from Cavebabble).

This week's question: If Firefly had lasted beyond the first 15 episodes, what do you think would've happened? Who would have been the first to die? (My vote is on either Kaylee or Simon, shortly after their first kiss)