Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The next Video Revue

The next episode of Video Revue will be up this weekend, but we WILL NOT have a blog link to it right away. Hey, now is a great time to subscribe to us on iTunes if you haven't already! Or, you can just go to our Mevio page to listen to the latest episode (and back episodes, too).

Johnny and I will be on vacation, which is why we won't be here to blog about the show, but we will have a show up this weekend (which was actually recorded LAST week) and another show next weekend (which we will actually record THIS week). So when the new Video Revue goes up, ignore the mention at the end about Subject:Cinema taking a break, because that was LAST weekend, and we decided to schedule things so that we would have a break during the same week they did. Got that? Good.

Also, if you found us through the Nerdfighter ning, welcome!

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