Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Video Revue and Other Announcements

This week, Johnny and I discuss one of our favorite '90s sitcoms: Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Think "Bewitched" set in high school, with a talking cat. But seriously, it was an awesome show.

As always, you can find Video Revue on iTunes or Podshow

Neither of the bumpers was from an episode we mentioned. The opening bumper was from Season 2's "Rumor Mill," where Sabrina starts working for a tabloid because she thinks it counts as "community service." Her job is to create rumors...which then all come true (including her cat becoming a mob boss, her aunts getting abducted by aliens, and her boyfriend getting pregnant). The other bumper was from a Season 7 episode, where Sabrina meets her fiance's family for the first time. She tries a "harmony spell" in the hopes that it will ease the discord.

Other announcements:
1. Happy Father's Day!
2. Subject:Cinema is back, after a 3-week medical leave...they've got two shows up now, including their anniversary show! Congratulations on 3 great years, and here's to many more!
3. Speaking of anniversaries: happy "Svenniversary" to the great Rich Koz, who has been dressing up as Chicagoland's favorite horror host, Svengoolie, for THIRTY years! Johnny and I watched the special 30th anniversary episode last night...HILARIOUS! We even taped it...we might try posting some of the Sven bits up on YouTube. If we do, you'll be the first to know!

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