Thursday, February 5, 2009

Must-See TV

The best of what's on television right now, in my humble opinion:
-Heroes. Season 4 debuted on Monday night and it kicked butt. I can't wait to see what's going to happen this time around. Though I have to say I like Hiro better as Batman than as Alfred. Poor Ando...

-Leverage. The new show on TNT follows a group of criminals out to rob the bad guys and return the money to the people who've been wronged by the giant corporations. Oh, and one of the characters is played by Christian Kane, who in a past life worked for Wolfram and Hart (the evil law firm from "Angel").

-Mythbusters. Adam and Jamie continue to blow stuff up in the name of science. This week they proved that ninjas are ALMOST as awesome as the myths say they are.

-DOLLHOUSE!! The latest show from Joss Whedon, Evil Genius. Why does he have the title "Evil Genius"? Simple. He creates brilliant, dynamic characters that the viewers can relate to and care about. That's genius. Then he makes their lives a living hell. That's evil. Therefore, he shall be known from now on as Joss Whedon, Evil Genius. Anyway, his new show stars Eliza Dushku. The basic plot is that there is a secret organization where people can basically rent people called "Actives" to do whatever they want, anything from international espionage to sex. Once their job is done, the Actives forget their missions entirely...or at least, that's how it's supposed to work. If only it weren't in the Timeslot of Death (Fridays from 8-9). At least it's not on CBS...

(Who, me? Still upset that Moonlight was canceled? What ever gave you THAT idea??)

Side note: I may have to take a break from the Star Trek postings for a week or two while I wrap my head around all of the work I need to do this semester. And there will be another podcast at some point in the future.

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