Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good news/bad news

The bad news: Twilight: the Movie will not have the chance to kick Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince out of the #1 spot at the box office, as HPHBP will not come out until next summer (though this move was NOT "Twilight"-related, and I think it was stupid of Warner Bros. to keep the fans waiting for another six months!).

The good news: TWILIGHT: THE MOVIE COMES OUT NOVEMER 21st!! Hallelujah. Now there's no chance that TTM will come out the week before/week of my finals. Because, come hell or high water, I WILL be at the midnight premiere.

What's that? You said we're supposed to be doing a podcast...right. Our next episode has been recorded, but due to technological difficulties and shortage of time, we haven't gotten a chance to edit it yet. We're going to get it up ASAP--probably sometime this week or early next.

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