Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Podshow is down!!

...which means, until it's back up, nobody can access anything on Podshow. Including the podcast. So if you tried to listen to the show, and couldn't, you're not alone. I couldn't either.

I'm not sure exactly what the problem is--I'm definitely not the tech person--but I realized there was a problem after I couldn't listen to the show this morning. After some experimenting, I found out that I couldn't even get to the Podshow main page. So I can only conclude that the problem is with the Podshow site.

I'll keep you updated...and in the meantime, check out this great site:
Angry Alien features movie parodies. But they're not just any movie parodies. They're 30-second versions of movies, starring animated bunnies! They've got plenty of Halloween goodies, including The Exorcist, Saw, The Ring, and War of the Worlds, but they really have a little bit of everything (among others: Brokeback Mountain, Star Wars, and A Christmas Story...beat that!). They're hilarious, and a great little entertainment if you've only got a few minutes.

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